Do You Want to Be New Now?

Are you allowing yourself to be new? I’m not talking about that resolution you might have made or thought about at the first of the year. The kind that many of us resolve to commit to, and then as time passes, the resolution whispers away because you and I go right back to our old ways, old thoughts, thinking we’ll start over. Tomorrow.

Every moment right in front of you is a new moment. The one you are having right now is new. You’ve never seen it before. Not until now. That’s a blessing. It’s real, and it’s time, right now, for you to focus.

Focus on newness.

Close your eyes and whisper, “Heavenly Father God, I’m right here; I need You. Help me find my newness in You.”

Okay, did you do that? I mean really, do that? If not, close your eyes and whisper God near. Remember, He’s just a prayer away.

Well done, Beloved.

Fear cannot undo you

Let Him show you new hope, new gratitude, new joy, new perspective. Everything new.

Letting Him show you how real He is requires something from you. Let go of past hurt, past pain, past regrets, lofty expectations, and thoughts that tug your soul away from the truth. God is real, and He loves you. You are not perfect. Neither am I.

But still. He loves you and me. Perfectly.

Resolve to get to know Him, right now and again later. Until wanting to know Him better becomes a habit. You’ll know you’ve achieved this when you wake up in the morning and He’s the first One you want to talk to. During the day, whether it’s joy or troubles you’re facing, He’s the first One you call near. And before you go to sleep, He’s the last One you say, “Goodnight, thank You, and I love You.” to.

He already knows you well. Better than anyone else.

That’s a comfort.

For real. And the kind that lasts.

In Him you are new.

Don’t hold onto what you shouldn’t grasp onto so tight.

Let. It. Go.

Don’t look behind you. Look in front of you.

Don’t look down. Look up.

Don’t look to others for your identity. Look to Your Heavenly, Abba Father. Your King.

Behold black font

Now, this is newness. The real kind.

New hope.

New joy.

New perspective.

New courage.

New peace.

New freedom.

New love.

Beach -chosen to be free.

You’re believing now.

Now tell God, “I love You.”

Then listen to Him say, I LOVE YOU, TOO, BELOVED. IN ME, YOU ARE NEW.

And so we know

Hope in Him,